Sutphen Tire Apparatus

At Legacy Fire Apparatus we proudly represent the Sutphen family. We pride ourselves on helping to design the best, safest apparatus on the market today. The commitment that the Sutphen family has made to the industry is apparent in every apparatus that is manufactured at their 5 facilities. It doesn’t take long to notice the skill and craftsmanship that goes into the production of every single ladder truck, fire engine, mini pumper, mini rescue, and the countless other projects that are custom built by the outstanding men and women of Sutphen every year. There truly is nothing like a Sutphen!

Why buy a custom chassis Sutphen fire apparatus?

1) Sutphen is a single source manufacturer. What does that mean and how does that affect my new apparatus? When you purchase a custom chassis Sutphen fire apparatus your apparatus was designed by one manufacturer and all of the systems were engineered to work together flawlessly. This means that your custom chassis was designed along side of your cab and body with specific thought to the advanced technology and control systems that are running on today’s apparatus. The wiring systems and components were engineered for your specific model and type of rig. Many of our competitors are using a chassis and/or body which has been built by a separate manufacturer. This requires the manufacturer to build around another engineers chassis and/ or cab design and bring the systems together as best as they can. This also requires far more interaction between separate manufacturers to make their systems compatible. Often times, this is where those hard to find “gremlins” seem to pop up.

2) Sutphen is the oldest family owned fire apparatus manufacturer in the United States. What does this mean? Well, if you tour Sutphen you will find Sutphen family members still working there every day. With more than 125 years of continuous operation you will find that the Sutphen family is committed to building the best and safest apparatus on the market. By building apparatus for as long as the Sutphen family has you learn not only what will work but what won’t. That type of knowledge cannot be bought, it has to be acquired through dedication, determination, and commitment.

“The only source of knowledge is experience” Albert Einstein

3) Non proprietary parts. How does this affect me? Well, down the road, when it comes time to do maintenance on items like brakes, suspension components, and other common wear items the parts are readily available. Often times these components can be acquired at a local truck parts store. Many of our competitors use proprietary parts and components. This requires your mechanic or repair shop to go to that specific manufacturer for even common repair parts. This will almost always result in a higher charge for the part and longer delays waiting for the components to arrive. This drives up the cost of your repairs and extends down time. This is not to say that both Sutphen and Legacy Fire Apparatus cannot get you parts for your apparatus if needed. We stock most common use components and have parts professionals ready to assist you if needed.